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[IMPORTANT NOTE: teams are capped at twelve members! We also ask that if you are torn between two teams, to please go with the smaller.]

Username -- self explanatory, I think ;)

Team Preference -- rank your top three choices in order of most to least preferred. You may sign up for any ship in any quadrant (threesomes and moresomes count too!) as well as Team Alchemiter, our rare ship team. However, only teams with at least five members and a captain at the end of signups will be competing in hs_olympics; all other pairings will fall under the purview of Team Alchemiter.

(For the purposes of this challenge we're treating different quadrants as different pairings--ergo Team John♥Karkat would be a separate team from Team John♦Karkat or Team John♠Karkat.)

For "named" teams and Team Alchemiter, we're requiring each member to submit fanwork for at least one of the main rounds. If you don't feel like you can do that, you may also sign up for Team English, our audience team. Team English is not required to prepare submissions for the main rounds, but members still get to vote and participate in the bonus rounds.

If (god forbid) none of your pairings get enough members to field a full team, we will allow you to join Team English or Team Alchemiter, join one of the "named" teams (with the palhoncho's permission!), or drop out of the challenge entirely.

Palhonchosity -- Each team will need a palhoncho to issue HIGHLY AUTHORITATIVE BUT FRIENDLY REQUESTS--er, that is, to organize the team's submissions, coordinate the collaborative round entry, and other similar duties. If you would like to be your team's palhoncho, mark YES on your signup. (Palhonchosity will be conferred on a first-come, first-serve basis.) If you would not like to be your team's palhoncho, mark NO. If you aren't sure whether you're ready for that kind of responsibility, but still don't want your team to drift around friendleaderless, mark IF NECESSARY--you will only be named palhoncho if, at the end of signups, no one on your team has expressed an interest in taking on that mantle.

Palhonchos are also the ones responsible for creating and running the team comms! It's not really a huge duty, but your mods will contact you about that when the time comes. (And we will be around to help, of course.)

Anything else? -- also self-explanatory, I trust.

The full list of sign-ups can be found here!


Team John♥Karkat
Team Rose♥Kanaya
Team John♥Dave
Team Dave♥Terezi
Team John♥Vriska
Team Dave♥Jade
Team Karkat♦Kanaya
Team Jade♥Karkat
Team Karkat♥Terezi
Team Dave♥Tavros
Team Tavros♥Gamzee
Team Sollux♥Aradia
Team Nepeta♦Equius
Team Karkat♥Gamzee
Team Eridan♥Feferi
Team Sollux♥Karkat
Team Vriska♠Terezi
Team Dave♥Karkat
Team John♦Vriska (one open slot!)
Team Kanaya♥Vriska
Team John♥Rose
Team Vriska♥Terezi


After signing up, you'll want to join your team's community (if there is one--team comms will be listed in this post as they pop up!) as well as the main hs_olympics comm. And most importantly, remember to keep everything fun and friendly! We want this to be a lighthearted and enjoyable challenge for everyone, so please be respectful to members of other ships, even if you disagree with them!

Happy shipping!
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